Vintage Sizing

Bust Measurement

Place the end of your measuring tape on your bust point and wrap it around your body. Make sure that it meets with the starting point and stays perfectly horizontal around your bust line, without dangling or drooping at any point.

Waist Measurement

Measure your waist by placing your measuring tape at your natural waist. To locate your natural waist, bend to the side and spot the point where your body curves. It is usually one (1) inch above your belly button.

Pull the tape and wrap it across your waist, allowing the two points to meet. Make sure the tape lies perfectly horizontal around your waist and does not dangle or droop at any point.

Length Measurement

Locate the highest part of your shoulder - typically the middle to near the base of your neck-and place one end of the measuring tape.

Pull the tape straight down, following the line of your body as your standing. It helps to have a friend or a mirror nearby. The measurement will reflect where the garment lands on your body.